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Feather Flag

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30 x 132

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Whether it's for an outdoor flag to wave in customers to your retail businesses and car dealerships, or to make a stand at any tradeshow event, our feather flags are exactly the quality you're looking for. Best quality and affordable feather flags take the brand functioning to the next level if displayed for great purposes. Display them at the sidewalk, poles at the exhibit booth or storefront, promotional vehicles, and other options to gain enhanced results. Because of their unique shape, attractive designs, and style, these flags surely bring impressive brand recognition and visibility from everywhere. Easy to set up. Black pole pocket at the left side of the pole is provided to fix the flag banner easily. Three optional bases come along with this product to give it a stable and long-lasting display. You can select - Spike base, cross base or cross base with water bag. The base adds much durability and resilience to the flag feather. Both spike and cross base are available with equal base and holder diameter i.e., 13.5 mm and 16.5 mm respectively.
Feather flags are the road-side advertising banners you probably see on a daily-basis. They often showcase messages like "open" or "now hiring". Custom printed feather flags have become popular advertising tools for not only businesses, but events as well, to display custom messages, brand logos, or artwork. These flags typically resemble a feather but are also available in different shapes and sizes. Feather flag signs are made of snap-assembly aluminum or fiberglass poles, a super-knitted polyester flag, and a base to support the display.

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