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| Direct Mail

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What Are My Goals?
Your goals are as unique as your business. You can use Direct Mail to help you:

    Promote your business name
    Find new customers
    Drive traffic to your business
    Create excitement about your new products and services
    Increase your sales
    Encourage customer loyalty

What Should I Offer?
Your offer must align with your goals. It is what will attract your customerÕs attention, build interest, and encourage responses. Make sure your offer is valuable and relevant to the customers you target. Ask yourself:

    What product or service do my customers need?
    How will it help them?
    How is it different from similar offerings on the market?
    What do I want my customers to do when they read my Direct Mail piece?

Developing a strong, attractive offer will help you accomplish your goals.
Plan Your Budget
Plan your budget around your goals to make it easy to measure the success of your campaign.
Determine the most cost-effective method to develop your Direct Mail campaign.
How Much Will a Direct Mail Campaign Cost?
You need to determine how much it will cost to:

    Build, buy, or rent a mailing list
    Write and design a mailpiece
    Print your mailpieces
    Send your mailpieces (postage)

When answering these questions, remember to consider that different sizes and types of mailings serve different purposes. You will need to decide which is the most efficient size and format for your mailing (i.e., a postcard highlights a sale while a flyer provides greater detail).


Often the least expensive way to send advertising, invitations, and business reply mail.


Large postcards, envelopes, and folded pieces, such as announcements, bills, and newsletters.


Large or thick envelopes and flat, rectangular mailpieces, such as magazines, newspapers, catalogs, circulars, or important documents that should not be folded.


Items that are not flats, letters, or postcards, such as thick envelopes, thick or rigid books, small and large boxes, and poster tubes.