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| Incorrect Layout Examples

Image Zone Printing

Always double check that your PDF was exported corretly.
Here are some examples of what your PDF should NOT look like.

No Bleeds The background image or color does not protrude past the crop marks, When your project is cut on the crop marks there will be no color on the edge of the sheet.

No Crop Marks Crop marks indicate where your project is supposed to be cut, a PDF without crop marks does not give the post press operator the necessary visual to know where you expect us to cut your job.

Incorrect Page Size When you open your PDF, it should not open a large page with your graphics placed in the middle somewhere, This format makes it difficult for printing equipment to position your project which may produce printing that is not positioned correctly. (also notice the card does not have bleeds)

Artwork Tiling/Nesting It is always better to leave tiling your project to us. We do not charge for imposing and we always optimize the sheet to get as many up as possible, Including your estimate. Always send your files 1 up and in the correct size.