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| Creating A Pdf From Photoshop

Image Zone Printing

Instructions for high res printing.

Because Photoshop is unable to create pdfs with crops and bleeds, remember to build in the bleed to the canvas size (create your page size at least .125″ larger in all directions than your finished piece).

1. Flatten your design. In the layers palette drop down menu (image. A), click Flatten Image.

2. Image > Save as. Set format to Photoshop PDF. Click Save (image. B).

3. Start with the High Quality Print Adobe PDF Preset.
Make sure your settings match the screen shots that follow (img. C-D).

The last three tabs (not shown) can be left with default settings.

4. Click Save PDF (image. D).

5. Lastly, When the PDF is completed, Please open the PDF in your PDF reader.
verify the file looks correct and had crop marks with bleeds. (image. E)

(image. A)

(image. B)

(image. C)

(image. D)

(image. E)
Most important part, your pdf will not look like this exactly, your crop marks will be missing, but your art should still follow this same guide.